Ant Season:

Spring / Summer

Identifying Ants

Garden Ant The Black Garden Ant is the most common species of ant that will invade your home. Despite its name its colouring is actually very dark brown.

From the picture you can see the ant has 3 main divisions of its body, the head, thorax and abdomen. These are separated by narrow waists and their antennae contains a sharp elbow joint. The ants you find in your house are likely to be worker ants, searching for food. Worker ants are typically 3 to 5mm in length and forage for sweet food which they take back to the nest to feed to the larvae and queen ant.

During July and August the winged mating ants, or flying ants, become prevalent as they perform their mating swarms. After mating the female flying ant seeks out a nest site for the winter and lays her eggs the following spring to build a new ant colony.

Ant Treatment

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